2013 Doc Camp Call for Proposals

Google Summer of Code Doc Camp - a partnership of GSoC, Aspiration and FLOSS Manuals

This is a call for proposals for the 2013 GSoC Doc Camp. Individuals and projects are invited to submit proposals for the GSoC Doc Camp to be held at Google's Mountain View headquarters in California from October 14 - October 18.

What is it?

Summary of Open Video ‘Course Sprint’ process

I wanted to write a quick post outlining the process of a ‘course sprint’ to share with some of the communities that I’m involved with including the P2PU, School of Open and the FLOSS Manuals community. I think this methodology can be of use to emerging groups of on-line educators creating open education resources (OERs) about Free Culture and Free Software.


At the beginning of November, I travelled to Edinburgh to attend Remediating the Social, the culmination conference of a three year European research project, ELMCIP (Electronic Literature as a Model for Creativity and Innovation in Practice).