Video ‘Future of the Book’ from Sourcefabric

Sourcefabric who are working to take over from Flossmanuals on the development of Booki have put out the following video.

“Sourcefabric builds open source software to support independent media worldwide. On February 14th, we’ll announce our tool to help people and organisations write and publish great multi-platform books.

Write and publish great books ready for iPad, Kindle, Nook or print within minutes. Write, translate or reuse content by yourself or with others and let the platform take care of structure, formatting, licensing, versions and export to book formatted pdf, epub, odt or html.

Share, reuse and remix content, chapters or even entire books. For example, import an epub from Gutenberg or a colleague’s textbook, rework and then publish to, or another bookmaking community!

February 14th 2012. The next chapter in publishing.”

The future of the book is in your hands from Sourcefabric on Vimeo.