Open Web Book Sprint in Berlin

I’m currently in Berlin doing a ‘Book Sprint’ on the subject of ‘Open Web’. I haven’t got a clue what I”m going to write about in fact none of the participants do. We start with just a title, in this case ‘open web’ and collaboratively plan a structure, ideas, and then get writing.

The only clue so far is this from Stephen from Transmediale festival who has worked with Adam from to bring us together to do this.

As you may have heard, our first Sprint last year, was highly successful and has spawned a much wider debate on on the notions of digital collaboration. The Open Web Book Sprint has even more potential, and hits on an even more important and currently relevant topic – the Open Web. Something we refer to a lot, but has no fixed contours. It crafts our aspirations and delineates that delicate edge between freedom, power and responsibility that is the privilege of our civil society. This sprint is about laying the groundwork in an intensive multi-disciplinary scenario, and use it to create the questions about what the open systems and forms of community that the Open Web is or could be is about. One of the leading themes within this year’s transmediale festival RESPONSE : ABILITY is digital freedom and expression, exploring how these fundamental elements of our existence are manifested at a time when core elements of the internet, and our interaction with it are under threat.

The same process which happened last year to great effect with the title ‘Collaborative Future’ is documented here.

We are going to be planning on Monday 17th of January and after that opening up to remote collaborators from Monday night. In the meantime you can register at :