In New Book, Tunisian Activists Teach How To Bypass Internet Censorship

Date: Sep 27, 2011 8:06 AM
Subject: Press Release: Tunisian Activists Teach How To Bypass Internet Censorship


*In New Book, Tunisian Activists Teach How To Bypass Internet Censorship*

As the Arab spring turns to Arab autumn, with battles continuing to rage on throughout the Middle East, one intrepid group of Tunisian activists has recently released a handbook to help their peers fight the power - by breaking through government firewalls and getting on-line. The book entitled *Contourner la censure (et préserver son anonymat) *or *How To Bypass Internet Censorship (and Preserve Your Anonymity)* was originally created in English during a five-day relay book writing event, known as a "Book Sprint", which took place in Berlin in late February of this year; it was subsequently *released via the FLOSS Manuals platform (FLOSS being an acronym for Free Libre and Open Source Software)*. FLOSS Manuals is a project founded and lead by New Zealand-born, Berlin-based social entrepreneur, Adam Hyde who says, "FLOSS Manuals is a community of about 3,000 registered contributors, working collaboratively across many languages and many countries to produce free documentation about free software. We often work together on projects related to human rights and advocacy and we are happy to do so since the areas of human freedom and software freedom are often closely interlinked ."

While the majority of books available on the FLOSS Manuals site are more "high-tech how-to" (with titles related to popular web tools such as WordPress and Firefox) than "fight the power", *How to Bypass Internet Censorship*, was put together by a knowledgeable and concerned group of hackers and activists  to "not only help you find your way in the diversity of tools and techniques that allow you to defeat Internet censorship and...also tell you more about how censorship works behind the curtain".

The recent Tunisian translation was organized by the Tunisian Association for Digital Freedom and represents a collaboration between FLOSS Manuals, The Digital Freedom Coalition, The International Federation for Human Rights, and Tunisian news and activism portal

Since February 2011, *How To Bypass Internet Censorship (and Preserve Your Anonymity)* has been translated into Arabic, Farsi, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and organizers say that Chinese and Burmese versions are forthcoming

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