"How to Bypass Internet Censorship" cross-published by MOVEMENTS.ORG

MOVEMENTS.ORG, a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, connecting, and supporting grassroots digital activists from around the world, has just decided to strengthen its toolkit with our beloved "How to Bypass Internet Censorship":


As you may already know, the "How to Bypass Internet Censorship" manual was put together in a booksprint facilitated by FLOSS Manuals last February in Berlin.

Since February 2011, "How To Bypass Internet Censorship" has been translated into Arabic, Farsi, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese and Burmese.

We hope that this cross-publication by MOVEMENTS.ORG will further increase the use of the manual.

in addition, the manual is still available on FLOSSManuals.net: http://en.flossmanuals.net/,

on its dedicated website: https://www.howtobypassinternetcensorship.org/,

and that is also presented through local decicated sites like the Tunisian http://contournerlacensure.net/.