Francophone FLOSS Manuals Newsletter Nov 2012

(This is a translation of the French FM newsletters; French-speeakers may wish to visit the French FM site).

Hi all - Welcome to all new subscribers to the Francophone FLOSS Manuals list.

This mail out brings you a few of our updates.

>> We have now have an online bookshop -
>> This is also embeded in our home page -
>> The home page also gets an additional column listing the printed books available.

In January we're organising a BookSprint on Cinelerra . We have a pretty definitive list of people attending the BookSprint but anyone can get involved remotely. If you want to get involved please get in touch and let us know.

Calls to action

The following books are being edited:
Inkscape and filters/ effects

A book currently being translated:
Introduction to the Command Line

Books needing a minor updates:

Books needing proofreading:
Create an Epub

Books needing a major update:

Books requiring help importing into Fmfr:
Eloquent javascript

Books needing some tweaking of HTML

If you have ideas for books you want to create please just jump in.  Just shout if you have any questions.

See you soon
Elisa de Castro Guerra
President of the Fmfr Association