A book sprint on Libre/Open Fonts in Rennes, France

From November 5 to 9, a book sprint is taking place in Rennes (France), organized by FLOSS Manuals Francophone (FMFR)

7 authors are gathered to write a free books on Libre/Open Fonts:

  •  Frank Adebiaye (Bénin / France)
  •  Denis Jacquerye (Congo R.D. / Belgique)
  •  Cédric Gémy (France)
  •  Pierre Huyghbaert (Belgique)
  •  Boureima Kinda (Burkina Faso)
  •  Murielle Souryis (France)
  •  Nicolas Spalinger (Suisse / France)

This book sprint is facilitated by Elisa de Castro Guerra.