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Issue 01 2012

  1. Booki becomes Booktype

  2. News from the FM communities.

  3. Freedom fone the book.

  4. A note from the editor

  5. FM in 2012.


On Saturday 25th, at the co-working / collaborative Parisian space "La Cantine", FLOSS Manuals (Elisa De Castro Guerra and Laurent Giacobino) will participate to a gathering about digital security for journalists: #J_Hack.

Among other discussion they will be presenting "How to Bypass Internet Censorship" and "Basic Internet Security".

More details on the...

This week FLOSS Manuals participates to the Co-position research meeting in Brussels, with the other partners of the Libre Graphics Research Unit (LGRU).

The Libre Graphics Research Unit is a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, research meetings, experimental prototyping, conferences and workshops.

LGRU is lead by four European Media Labs:  Constant,...

Not too long ago, we told you about our exciting new partnership with Czech-based organization Sourcefabric, which is at the cutting edge of media and technology. We are now pleased to announce the fruits of our collective labour: Booktype. The new and improved, free and open source, online collaborative publishing platform.

This platform enables any one or (group of someones!) to produce beautiful,...

The FLOSS Manuals platform is mentioned (along with our partners at Sourcefabric!) in the article "2012: The Year Of New Ebook Tools" on The writer profiles many proprietary and some FLOSS options for creating e-books. Check it out!

FLOSS Manuals Francophone is proud to present the first book in French about OpenStreetMap, available (of course!) under a free license (Creative Commons BY-SA).

This books hopes to increase the reach of OpenStreetMap in French speaking countries, thanks to a clear and well structured documentation, that tackles:
What is collaborative cartography and why should I contribute? How can I contribute, collecting data in the field with or without a GPS, with Potlatch 2 et JOSM? How can I use the OpenStreetMap data: share maps, download data on my GPS device......

Sourcefabric who are working to take over from Flossmanuals on the development of Booki have put out the following video.

“Sourcefabric builds open source software to support independent media worldwide. On February 14th, we’ll announce our tool to help people and organisations write and publish great multi-platform books.

Write and publish great...

The Finnish version of the Scribus manual has been completed and is now available at:

All in all, now represents approximately 2,000 PDF pages of open source documentation.

It is 26th most popular Finnish computer/internet site on Oindex.

The next item on the workplan for the Finnish FM is the translation the...

On January 18th, the FLOSS Manuals Foundation joins websites across the world in protesting the dangerous censorship legislation currently pending in the US Congress.

Read more and take action on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.

Greetings from all of us at the FMF,

we have a lot of exciting events and announcements coming in the next few months. With your support, we plan to continue to support our existing language communities, promoting the Book Sprint methodology, and work with new collaborators to start FLOSS Manuals groups in more areas and in more languages.