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This post borrows heavily (mostly verbatim) from the posts of Cheekay & Becky – apart from the sections on sharing and tools at the end. I was representing FLOSS Manuals at the retreat. I’ve taken my thoughts about how FM can interact with communities of educators and put them into a separate Blog post here.

In the early half of June, I participated in the video4change (...

As previously reported, FLOSS Manuals was chosen to participate in a scoping study on the ‘Digital Manual’ funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). During the course of the scoping study which lasted two months, the researchers interviewed various members of their four case study groups, and this month the researchers and representatives from the case study groups gathered to hear the initial findings and discuss the plan for moving forward...

Booktype was featured as part of this event at UCL – Working with the Page: Publishing Workshop

On day two we will look at what tools exist for us to produce digital and print publications and how one tool can be used to produce both. We will cover how your book’s content might be realised in a number of different formats depending on distribution. We will look at what “formless content” means: “the page” is no longer a fixed container for the content of books in the digital age. We will present tutorials in both InDesign and Booktype....

The Challenge: Encrypt your Email with Thunderbird 

The Organizer: Mick Fuzz – volunteer with Tech Tools for Activism and media activist who has worked extensively with video and multimedia projects at community and international levels.

The Experience: I like to volunteer. One thing I have volunteered for is to work as a workshop facilitator with a loose collection of groups called “Tech Tools for Activism”....

Watch the interview of Adam Hyde done by the reasearchers of the ‘Creation and Publication of the “Digital Manual”: Authority, Authorship and Voice.’ project

Adam Hyde, founder of FLOSS Manuals, recently spoke at re:publica Berlin,  "Germany’s largest and...

FLOSS Manuals, represented by Sacha Van Geffen and Laurent Giacobino, participated in the 2012 Forum of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), that was held in Brussels on May 7-8.

This event gathered more than 200 organizations from around the world working on the defense of Human Rights in the most difficult situations. FLOSS Manuals followed with interest the sessions focused on the European agenda to guarantee Freedom of expression and freedom of information on the Internet, and to protect the digital security of high-target citizens such as Human Rights...

Adam Hyde, founder of FLOSS Manuals, will be speaking at re:publica Berlin, an event held in Berlin next May 2-4, "Germany’s largest and most prominent conference on the future of our society and all things digital".

You can read more on the talk on the website, here:

and here:

Adam will join a rather impressive crowd of lead thinkers, bloggers and activists that all...

FLOSS Manuals Newsletter April 2012

1. Adam Hyde in Brussels for LGRU meeting
2. News from the FM communities
3. FM invited in a research network on the 'Digital Manual'
4. Editors notes
5. FM Manual spotlight

Adam Hyde in Brussels for LGRU meeting
FLOSS Manuals is an associate partner of the Libre Graphics Research Unit (LGRU). The LGRU is a two year project to develop new ideas for creative tools. Founded by four European Media Labs: Constant, Medialab Prado, Piksel and WORM, LGRU was initiated because they understood that to develop innovative tools for creative practice,...

FLOSS Manuals has been invited in as an affiliated research network member in a research project named ‘Creation and Publication of the “Digital Manual”: Authority, Authorship and Voice.

This project, lead by Dr Penny Travlou and Dr Smita Kheria from the University of Edinburgh and sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC].

It aims at studying ‘Digital Manual’ as a model...