FLOSS Manuals is fantastic community to be a part of. There are manuals in many languages on great desktop and android applications. The thing that binds it all together is that these are resources written under a free licence about applications also written under a Free Software licence. The vast majority of all manuals on FM have been created and maintained by people putting in voluntary contributions of their time.

We are always looking for people who love writing about Free Software. If you are interested in volunteering or want to find out more, fill out the form on this page and then please do join our mailing list and ask how you can get involved.

Writing, Editing and Promoting Manuals

Anybody can contribute to a manual. To get access to the "write" area of the site, you should complete the form below (apologies this is due to spam issues).

We prefer that you use your real name, but you can use a pseudonym if you don't mind owning copyright under that pseudonym. Here are some of the activities you get involved with:

  • writing new manuals
  • updating or improving existing manuals
  • proofreading manuals as they are being written
  • reviewing and fact checking.

Promotion can be a challenge for volunteer-based communities. However our user base often helps us promote the FLOSS Manuals. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • write a blog post about FLOSS Manuals and our recent activites (see our news page)
  • write a review of one of our manuals.

Using FLOSS Manuals for Teaching

The best road-testing of our documentation is when it is used in real-life workshops. Please try out some of our manuals for teaching or as open educational resources for online learning.

If you are looking to prepare a workshop using Free Software, we would be delighted to work with you to help you achieve this. We may be able to point you in the direction of existing resources that fill your need. We may be able to share techniques to help you overcome any barriers to teaching this material.

Most of all we would welcome your feedback on using the manuals, workbooks and courses at FLOSS Manuals so that together we can keep them up-to-date and make them even better.

Get Involved with FLOSS Manuals

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